Sunglasses: The all year round fashion accessory

As I’ve said many times, sunglasses are useful all year round, because the sun comes out all year round. However, recent trends suggest that from a purely fashion perspective, sunglasses are now maybe the hottest all year round fashion accessory.

A huge change in the sunglasses marketplace proves that fashion conscious people have changed their buying habits.

Sunglasses sales on the up!

Alessandra Beccarini, product development director at Luxottica summed it up perfectly. She said, “Instead of one pair a year, women of all ages are buying a wardrobe of sunglasses – Ray-Ban Wayfarers for daytime, and more elaborate frames for a party or a special occasion,” And she would know. Luxottica is responsible for fashion labels such as Prada, Burberry, Versace and many more. They sell over $5Billion worth of eyewear. So far this year, they’ve seen an amazing 15.4% profit increase.

Luisa Delgardo from Safilo, who are another major eyewear producer, is equally bullish. She’s noticed that sunglasses look set to outsell bags / purses. These have been the main driver for the fashion accessory marketplace for more than two decades. Delgardo said, “People are realizing that eyewear is the most immediately visible accessory you can wear.”

So, why is this shift in the fashion marketplace happening?

I believe I know a key reason why sunglasses have become increasingly important to fashionistas, celebrities and the general public.

Sunglasses surge: Here’s my theory

If you take a look on any social network, you will see endless photos of celebrities. In most cases, the main focus of the photo is, obviously, the face. This means that when a celebrity (or Vice President of the U.S.A.) has their photo shared, if they’re wearing sunglasses, we see it. Now, compare this to bags, which are being overtaken by sunglasses. They’re seldom, clearly captured in the photos we see on Facebook and Twitter, etc. Remember, Facebook alone has over 1.5 Billion active users.

Equally, when you’re done using a bag or purse, you deposit it somewhere; on a chair next to you, at your feet, etc. With sunglasses, you don’t deposit them out of sight. You wear them on your head or slip them onto the neck-line of your shirt, sweater etc. In other words, they stay with you. They remain a part of your look. In short: The face gets all the attention… and sunglasses are situated on the face.

And that’s why I believe the importance of sunglasses as a fashion accessory is growing and will continue to grow.

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Could smart sunglasses be replaced by smart contact lenses?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve written dozens of times about the latest technology relating to sunglasses and prescription eyewear. So-called smart glasses or smart sunglasses have become big business, with technology giants, like Google, among the key players. Well today, I’d like to focus on what could be a key part of the long term future of smart eyewear.

Move over smart sunglasses?

In a recent WDTV news story, Dr. Clayton Kuklick, Assistant Professor of Athletic Coaching Education at WVU, was being interviewed about how he’d used Google Glass to help improve people’s performance. However, it was an observation made during the story, which caught my attention. It was said that we may be just 25 years away from having contact lenses, which have the same capabilities as today’s smart glasses / sunglasses.

Currently, smart eyewear is a little obvious. Even the most stylish frames are considerably bulkier than regular frames. Smart sunglasses are useless in the dark. Smart contact lenses would look entirely natural. Without needing to glance at your smart phone or wear smart eyewear, you’d have access to a limitless supply of data.

Think about it, you would be able to view mapping data whenever you needed it. No more walking around a strange town or city, looking like a tourist. No more getting lost. And you’d never be lost for an answer either. You could access the Internet for any answer you needed.

Is 25 years a realistic time frame?

Here’s what we know about the way technology develops: The history of technological advancement is one of quantum leaps. Cell phones were developing slowly, then the iPhone came along and within a few short years, we had smartphones that were wafer thin and contained powerful computers. History could repeat itself with smart contact lenses. If the right people get involved and there’s a public demand for the technology, we could see smart contact lenses a lot sooner than 25 years.

Smart sunglasses have a bright future

Today, many people choose regular glasses over contact lenses. I can’t see this changing. Equally, it remains to be seen if people with perfect eyesight will want to start wearing contact lenses, rather than slip on some smart glasses / sunglasses. Plus, smart glasses are becoming more and more like regular eyewear. By the time we have smart contact lenses, it’s almost certain that smart glasses will look the same as regular glasses or sunglasses.

As always, only time will tell.

And finally

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Santa and sunglasses. All year round

So, here we are. It’s just over a month until Christmas. As I watched a local store put up its Christmas decorations last weekend, I was reminded of a TV show I saw some years ago, about the way different businesses get ready for Christmas. 

What does this have to do with sunglasses? Allow me to explain!

The show was filmed at a Christmas convention, in May. What made it memorable for me, was that it looked really weird to have a massive venue packed with Christmas stuff, just as summer was due to arrive. Of course, companies, corporations and organizations don’t wait until a few weeks before Christmas, to start planning for it. And some industries are planning almost all year round. For example, the toy industry, hotels and hospitality. Then there are retailers. They don’t pick their Christmas stock up in December either. There’s a lot of forward planning required. In short: the Christmas industry is a 12-month process.

And the same is true of the sunglasses industry.

Sunglasses all year round

The sunglasses industry is busy all year round. Firstly, every day is summer somewhere. When winter arrives here, it’s the start of summer in Australia. This means there’s an immediate demand for sunglasses somewhere, all the time.

Secondly, our retailers know that even on crisp winter days, the sun comes out. Whilst the rays may not be as damaging, direct and indirect sunlight can make driving, cycling, running, walking and working outdoors uncomfortable on the eyes, without sunglasses.

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A very different kind of Ray-bans

I’m pretty sure this is the weirdest sunglasses story I will ever share with you. That’s quite some statement, considering some of the stories I’ve shared so far.

We can agree that it’s not uncommon for people to behave differently when they’ve had too much to drink. It’s even less uncommon for guys to act a little crazy at a bachelor party, when they’ve had too much to drink. But the story I’m sharing with you today takes that to a whole new level.

A night to remember

So, you’ve heard all the stories of guys at bachelor parties, getting chained to railings or finding themselves in a weird location, with no idea what happened. Well, in Wales, UK, a guy woke up after attending a bachelor party (what they call a stag party), to find someone had used a Sharpie to draw a pair of Ray-ban’s onto his face.

Except, that wasn’t a Sharpie.

No... it was a tattoo!

As you can see from the photo above, the tattoo looks a little bizarre, to say the very least. On the side of his head, the arms of the sunglasses have also been tattooed on, with “Ray-ban” inscribed onto the tattooed frame. Apparently, he got extremely drunk and paid to have the tattoo as the result of a dare, from one of his fellow bachelor party revellers.

The story only came to light this week, when the guy, who’s in his 50’s, had already undergone 2 years’ worth of laser surgery, to have the tattoo removed. He’s still a little sensitive about it and has asked people not to reveal his name.

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses are passionate about sunglasses. However, I don’t foresee any of the team taking their passion to quite that extreme.

And finally

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Photo credit: © Wales News Service