4 Casual Fashion Blunders to Avoid at Work

4 Casual Fashion Blunders to Avoid at Work

When we speak about fashion, what may seem in fashion while going out on a casual day outing may not be the same when you go out to work. Fashion differs from situation-to-situation and therefore you should have adequate knowledge about which fashionable things will complement which particular situation.

While you spend maximum of your time at work, there are certain things that you must undeniably steer clear off at work. The main fashion blunders to avoid at work are as follows:

Avoid nail art

Well, though nail art is a craze now, it is certainly not in trend when it comes to going to a workplace. To maintain a serious personality in the professional surroundings, one needs to give away the nail artwork.

Solution: So ladies, if you want to climb the ladder of success in the firm, stick to neutral colours. Several brands have a variety of neutral colour shades to offer to you. Grab a collection of those, which will make you look the best at your workplace!

Avoid sloppy pants

Talking about dressing up formally, a person definitely needs to stop wearing ill-fitted trousers that can create a bad impression on his or her boss or co-workers. Too tight or too loose shapeless trousers can only make you look like a sloppy employee of the company.

Solution: Purchase trousers using discount coupons at Jabong with your size, which you can alter it according to your custom measurements from the local trouser-tailor. Pick up formal colours such as black, beige, navy or shades of grey, which will add a classy touch to your look.

Avoid backpack

The moment one steps into a corporate world, he or she needs to keep their childish or immature personality aside. One of the major mistakes that people tend to make is carrying a backpack to work. This is something that is a big ‘no-no’ and should be avoided and replaced with something formal and sophisticated.

Solution: The simple way you can adjust yourself to a corporate environment is to ditch backpacks and start carrying a briefcase or a professional handbag. This will make you look not just way more professional than before, but will also add a tinge of personality to your character.

Avoid flip-flops

Wearing flip flops to work? Well, the idea itself makes us think twice before we take on wearing flip flops to work on certain lazy days. Shoes are something that cannot go unnoticed. No matter how lazy you are, how casual your firm is, wearing flip flops to work is again a big NO.

Solution: Wear shoes like formal boots or formal saddle shoes by pairing it up with proper formal attire. If the company you work in is comparatively casual than the mainstream workplace, then loafers is the ultimate option for you. With the Myntra promo code, purchase these kinds of shoes which are not just comfortable but will also make you look elegant and stylish.

So, regardless of what kind of a company you work in, these are the basic things you must undoubtedly avoid at work. Instead of the don’ts embrace the do’s mentioned above for dressing well in order to create a long lasting impression on others at work and maintain a degree of professionalism at the same time.