8 Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Start Breaking

8 Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Start Breaking

There’s no mistake about it – learning the basic guidelines of style can help you develop a chic look. But when you consider that most fashion rules were designed for a different era, it can seem a little silly that you are still following them.

Sure, there was a time wearing a white dress to a wedding would make the bride see red, but things have changed. Just think about fashion icons like Katharine Hepburn, Madonna or Edie Sedgwick famous for their rebellious style.


So, do you really need to follow fashion rules blindly?Absolutely not!

Here are eight fashion rules that should be thrown into the bin immediately.

  1. You Shouldn’t Touch Bright Colors During the Cold Season

People naturally associate winter with dark colors, but wearing greys and blacks the whole time can become seriously depressing. Especially during the winter, you should look for the most colorful outfits that bring out the good mood and brighten the grey skies a bit.

  1. Women Should Cut Their Hair after 40

Fashion rules tend to sound more and more like the 10 Commandments, which is not good at all. The only question a woman of any age should ask herself is “Do I feel good in this?”and not “Would Karl Lagerfeld approve this outfit?” The same goes for the hairstyle.

There’s this silly idea that women should cut their hair after 40. No, thank you! After 40, you can wear your hair long, or short, or whatever style flatters your face shape. Not to mention that hair can, in fact, cover up some areas. For example, bangs can cover up wrinkles on their forehead.

  1. Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Wider

While it’s true that horizontal stripes can make you look a bit wider, if you know how to choose them, they can work wonders. The secret is to pick up stripes patterns that complement your body. For instance, if you are tall and curvy, you should wear thick stripes whereas if you are short, it’s better to opt for thin stripes.

  1. Always Match Your Belt, Shoes, and Bag

There was a time when not matching your belt, shoes, and your bag was the biggest fashion faux pas you could make. Fortunately, those times are gone, and now you can match your black clogs with your orange bag without anyone looking funny at you. Don’t be afraid to go for bold prints and spice your outfits a bit.

  1. Black and Navy – A No Go

Says who? The theory clearly states that you first pick a neutral color and then you spice it up with something bright. The explanation for that is something vague, like if you mix two dominant colors, they will start the Third World War. The truth is somewhere in the middle, however. When it comes to wearing navy and black, the attitude and the way you wear them matters the most. To compliment such an outfit, you can also throw in some more black or navy accessories.

  1. As You Grow Old, The Skirt Should Grow Longer

Women all over the world should take offence in that. As stated before, it’s about the level of personal comfort and the way it fits you. Rigid rules should have no place in a woman’s daily style. It comes down to appropriateness, ultimately. If you choose to wear something shorter, perhaps you can wear something that isn’t very tight above. Another good option is to pair a short skirt with opaque tights since they will add a touch of seriousness to the look.

  1. Mixing Metals Is Prohibited

Actually, this is not the Prohibition time, so women are free to accessorize as they please. The old “bronze with bronze, gold with gold, silver with silver” is seriously outdated. Since all metallics are neutral, you are free to mix them, especially if you have some goal in your mind. A good advice is to go for odd numbers – three necklaces, three different materials so that they give the impression of not trying to balance the look. Plus, it gives a modern touch to the whole outfit.

  1. Don’t Ever Match Hosiery with Open-Toe Shoes

As long as it looks elegant enough and you go for tights (since otherwise it will seem like you took those shoes by mistake), everything should be alright. Most importantly, don’t wear an open toe sandal. Simply stick to a peep-toe.

What other fashion rules do you find outdated? Write them in a comment below.