Choose Your Online Destination For Renting Anything

Choose Your Online Destination For Renting Anything

RentOne is an exclusive online rental store, providing rental services in India for a variety of goods ranging from luxury cars to shoes.  At present, we operate our rental services in Pune and Mumbai, however plans for expanding to other parts of India is in the pipeline. RentOne was born to allow normal citizens to feel luxurious on some of life’s most coveted movements.  At RentOne customer accessibility and easy is made the center of focus, by providing an easy rental process at our website. The service is also offered via the official app on android. Our rental service makes the process of renting a particular kind of item simple by adopting an easy systematic process:

  • Firstly, you should browse the various items that may fit your current need
  • Secondly, Make the security deposit and pay associate fees for renting that item
  • Thirdly, Wait for your chosen item to get delivered at your doorstep
  • Then enjoy the experience of using the item and build memories worth cherishing for a lifetime
  • Finally, return the product to our collection agents and collect your security deposit

At our online store, we offer the following items for rent. Bikes and cycles range from mountain bikes to luxury superbikes. Budget cars as well as luxury cars are also available for rent at our site. A range of furniture including a variety of sofas, beds etc. Common electronic items like LCD televisions, fridges can also be rented for a given period.  Apart from this, we specialize in providing designer fashion and wedding accessories, which includes ethnic wear and jewelry. Kids/baby items, music and sports equipment, and film making accessories are also available at our online rental store.


Our services do not stop at rentals, but we provide support via a 24-hour helpline for all our existing customers. The helpline is not limited to existing customers only, if you have any queries regarding our rental services you too can speak with our customer service representative. Concerning payments and deposits, they transferred electronically via a secure portal, ensuring that all sensitive data including customer information, contacts, transaction details, and credit/debit card details are kept secure at all times. This is part of customer centric policy to ensure that our services excel above existing ones in Pune and Mumbai.

We at RentOne do not place importance on business motives alone, instead our existence aims to make dreams a reality and bring smiles to the people of Pune and Mumbai. By providing these out-of-reach items to our customers, we allow them to maintain their dignity, pride, enjoy precious moments, and create joyful memories.

Whether it is for your child’s wedding or just your friends 25th marriage anniversary, simply visit our website or download our app from the android store and enjoy a vast range of items available for rent at RentOne. By removing the price factor, we can allow you to follow your dreams and build precious memories.