Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for Solidly Built Men

Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for Solidly Built Men

Each gender, every body type, and even every hair colour have their own set of rules regarding what they should wear, what they shouldn’t wear, and which articles of clothing they should wear with extreme caution. Larger and more solid men have a particularly difficult time when it comes to clothes. Trying to find a piece of clothing which fits well, looks great, and is comfortable does take more patience and persistence than an average sized individual. To help you find the right pieces for your closet, we have put together a list of fashion do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when shopping for your clothing.

Do Choose Structured Pieces

The best pieces of clothing for larger men are structured pieces which help define the shape of your body, such as the pieces offered by Oxford House Menswear. From your head to your toes, choose pieces which are well tailored (even if this means finding a great local tailor or seamstress to improve the fit of your fashions) and which have distinct lines.

Don’t Wear Oversized Clothing

As someone who is already larger than the average person, you do not want to throw on a pair of oversized sweatpants or pull on the sweatshirt you used to wear when you were a 3XL when you are now a 2XL. Wearing oversized and shapeless clothing not only makes you appear larger, but it also gives the impression that you are sloppy and careless.

Do Wear Dress Shirts

Many larger men are under the false belief that dress shirts make them appear to be rounder than they actually are. Depending on the shape of the shirt and how it is being worn, a dress shirt can be incredibly flattering.

• In casual or semi-casual settings, wear your dress shirt untucked. This will help de-emphasize your waistline. Otherwise pair your shirt with a jacket or sweater.
• Wear suspenders rather than a belt. This will create a flat plane over your stomach and draw less attention to your waistband.
• Choose the right tie. The larger the man, the larger the tie and knot you should have.
Choose shirts which have a complimentary broad collar, and invest in shirts with round and even hems. These can be worn untucked, much like a polo shirt.

Don’t Live in Athletic Wear

Athletic wear, like track pants and sports jackets, can look good, but they must be selected carefully. Loose athletic gear is unimpressive, but jogging bottoms with a bit of shape and jackets which are nicely fitted are both comfortable and can be stylish.

Do Invest in Nice Sweaters

Sweatshirts in general are never a good idea for a larger man, but that does not mean that you should avoid sweaters. Sweaters which fit your body nicely and have the right neckline are extremely flattering and can still be casual and comfortable while not making you appear lazy or sloppy. V-necks tend to be the most complimentary, though pointed collar shirts and polos also look very nice on a larger frame. Avoid wide necklines as these will only make you appear broader than you actually are.