Freshwater Pearls Vs Saltwater Pearls – Which Is the Better Option?

Freshwater Pearls Vs Saltwater Pearls – Which Is the Better Option?

Pearls are the most beautiful among gems. They make a wonderful choice for contemporary as well as classic jewellery. A pearl may be natural or cultural. Both natural and cultural pearls are formed when an irritant enters inside the layers of a mollusc. Cultures pearls could be either freshwater pearls or saltwater pearls. What is the difference between them both? Is one better than the other or are they both the same?

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Freshwater Pearls Vs Saltwater Pearls

  1. Production – Saltwater pearls are produced from saltwater oysters found in seas and oceans. Saltwater pearls are grown in saltwater farms these days and there is no need for deep water diving to collect them. They are mostly produced in Thailand, Australia, and Indonesia etc.

On the other hand, freshwater pearls are produced from mussels found in the bottom of rivers and lakes. Most of the freshwater pearls are grown in China.

  1. Lustre – Saltwater pearls are more lustrous and glossier than freshwater pearls.
  1. Shape – Saltwater pearls are round in shape. Freshwater pearls are off round or egg-shaped. They may come in a variety of shapes too.
  1. Colour – salt water pearls are available in a huge array of colours. Fresh water pearls depend upon the hue of the shell of the mussel from which it is produced.
  1. Nacre – The saltwater pearls have thinner coating of nacre. On the other hand, freshwater pearls are entirely from nacre.
  1. Size – Freshwater pearls are smaller in size when compared to saltwater pearls.
  1. Price – Freshwater pearls are cheaper.
  1. Availability – Freshwater pearls are available in abundance because freshwater mussels can produce more pearls at a time.

It is true that freshwater pearls are not as lustrous as the saltwater pearls. However, technology has improved so much that today freshwater pearls are bigger and lustrous than before. So, it is your budget and your tastes that should decide your final choice. You can get the best saltwater and freshwater pearls from Visit the site to select your favourite from the wide array of choices.