How to wear skirts in winter

How to wear skirts in winter

It’s no secret. Womenlove skirts, it’s a fact. We love to wear them during spring, summer, autumn and well, winter.

Everything is great when it comes to wearing skirts in spring, summer and even autumn. But with winter it’s a different story. With the onset of cold weather usually women avoid wearing skirts and take out their pants and jeans from the closet for this season.

Winter Skirt

Winter sometimes makes it difficult for us to wear our awesome skirts, right?  This is why we have created this post, which is all about how to wear skirts in winter.

We have put together some tips that will teach you a thing or two about how to wear skirts in winter while looking good and keeping warm.

  1. Say yes to tights and leggings. They are your best friends in winter. Go for black leggings for classy look or play with colors and patterns for a casual one.
  1. Play with layers and keep snug. Layers will give you that extra comfort that you need when rocking a skirt in winter. Go for cardigans, sweaters and oversized scarves.
  2. There are so many accessories that work great with skirts in winter. Winter gloves, hats, scarves should be on your list.
  3. Don’t forget about the coat. This is an important advice on how to wear skirts in winter. The coat can make it or break it. Go for a long, simple coat. This will add classiness to your look and will keep you warm.
  4. The best idea would be to go for ankle, calf or over-knee boots. Don’t go for open toes or summer shoes. It will not look that good and you will feel the cold.
  5. Go for winter skirts made out of heavier materials (wool, leather, denim, cotton) that will keep you warm.
  6. Don’t pick mini-skirts. Mini-skirts are a no go in winter. No need to explain why. The length of the skirts varies and you can choose the type of skirt from maxi, knee-length or mini-skirts. You could also wear leggings under the skirt.

If we convinced you to not be afraid of wearing skirts in winter here is another special tip for you.

Skin colored tights have to be identical or very similar to your skin tone. Don’t go for very thick tights if you choose a natural color because they will look very weird. If you want to play it safe, black or multicolored tights are the best choices. So you Divas can keep up with your style with skirt even in winter.

Do you wear skirts in winter?

What advice would you give on how to wear skirts in winter?