Pearls Have Made Their Way into Clothing

Pearls Have Made Their Way into Clothing

Adding lush pearls to a gown or a top is nothing new under the Sun. Queen Elizabeth I was a big fan of the idea and worked her seamstresses day and night to achieve the perfect attire that would look opulent and powerful. Besides looking stunning on the classic jewelry pieces, pearls have also made their way onto crowns, sculptures and other accessories.

The clothing trend is still in full swing nowadays. Designers don’t shy away from putting their own twist both on jewelry and clothing items. Jewelers mix unusual elements with the delicate pearls (eg. the ones from, while haute couture designers splurge on gowns, making unique and expensive creations. The article of clothing that is best suited for being adorned with pearls is the dress. We are talking, of course, about the wedding dress, that needs to be as glowing as possible, but also about party dresses that get an instant chic boost when they are adorned with hundreds of tiny pearls.

LupitaNyong’o swept everyone off their feet in a Calvin Klein pearl dress

Oscar winner LupitaNyong’o looked ravishing in her Calvin Klein pearl dress. The intricate dress by the renowned fashion house took hours and hours to make. Over six thousand pearls went into making the custom Calvin Klein dress, besides the countless sequins, beads and appliques. Francisco Costa designed the dress in collaboration with LupitaNyong’o and managed to make the headlines as soon as the star hit the red carpet. The rest of the accessories were understandably kept to a minimum. In fact, the dress was a huge jewel in itself. Estimated at around $150,000, the Calvin Klein dress incorporated the pearls and crystal on a cream mesh silk tulle. The dress stole the entire show, subtly complemented by diamondChopard earrings.

Lupita Nyongos in a Calvin Klein pearl dress

Katy Perry was glamorous in a Rafael Cennamo gown

We’re not used to Katy Perry being so stylish. But she turned heads in this long sleeved pearl dress. Everything down to her hair reminded us of old Hollywood. The pearls looked amazing and they made the famous singer radiate. She chose pearls again for her earrings, which looked beautifully understated.

Katy Perry in a pearl dress

Keira Knightley stunning in a Chanel pearl dress

The design Chanel went for Keira Knightley’s pearl dress was bold yet classic chic. The gown was made entirely out of pearls in a fresh cut. There is some exposed skin, but everything is kept tasteful. It would be difficult to pinpoint the style, since it seems that this item has a touch of vintage, a pinch of romantic inspiration with a modern twist for the back of the dress. The capped sleeves, the V neck and the exposed back really make it one of a kind. The complementary make-up is also stunning, allowing the dress to shine through. The heavy eye make-up makes her look very seductive, while the rest of the face is kept very neutral.

Keira Knightley in a pearl dress

Pearl wedding dress

Pearl wedding dress

If you feel inspired by these suggestions and you want to start looking for a pearl embellished bridal dress, you’ll surely look radiant in their iridescent glow. Pearls are the symbol of timeless elegance, so you won’t regret your dress choice years later when you’ll be looking back at your wedding photos. Make sure to keep your make up and accessories minimal to allow your dress to shine.