The World’s Most Expensive Watches

The World’s Most Expensive Watches

A wrist watch put on by a man tells about his taste, selection, fashion and lifestyle and a wrist watch should never be faked. There is no doubt that wrist watch is an indispensable part of personality for an attractive look and charming personality that you present to others. So, utmost care must be taken while selecting a wrist watch so that you may feel comfortable and trendy. Here we will present some tips that may help out the wrist watch lovers to pick a unique and fashionable watch and we will discuss few best wrist watch brands as well.

Characteristics of a Quality Wrist Watch

Wrist watch is oftentimes neglected these days because of the abundant use of smartphones, cell phones and others. But a person who loves to be stylish and trendy understands that a watch is much more than a timepiece- it’s an accessory for all occasions, it’s a status symbol, it’s an investment, and if you choose to pass yours on, it’s a legacy. Have a look at the qualities of a best wrist watch.


A quality watch must look like a quality watch and weight is an important factor to detect whether a wrist watch is of great quality or artificial like a simple toy. It takes a lot of time, space and weight to adjust all the parts of watch. It should not be like that you put it down and wondering where the other parts are of your watch. Weight is deeply associated with quality wrist watches.

The Sweep

The movements of the watch hands tell about its quality and price. A finely constructed and well tuned watch produces decent sounds and movements many times a second that they merge up and the sweep of the watch seems flawless. So by the movement and sweep of watches, an experienced person can differentiate between a real watch and fake one.

The Name, The Tradition

A wrist watch with a brand and name representing the traditional fashion goes farther than the one with anonymous names. The Rolex, renowned, made a great market value just because if its name. So a wrist watch must be the one after that people fight to get that when you kick the bucket.


The watch you select to wear should give the accurate time. Most of the local and fake watches stop providing accuracy of time after they are used few times. The watch with a brand and quality will spare you from these troubles. Either ask a professional or do detailed research about the brand before you get one.

Top Branded Wrist Watches

The name of the brands has become a status symbol and standard to judge the person’s taste, selection and lifestyles. So if you want to keep your lifestyle and fashion trend updated, do give the branded watches a try. Few are here that may impress you to pick the one with reasonable rates:

  • Rolex
  • Swatch
  • Omega
  • TAG heuer
  • Rado
  • Gucci
  • Casio

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