Top 5 Must-have Accessories for Summer Trendy Women

Top 5 Must-have Accessories for Summer Trendy Women

We all know that when summer season arrives, all the women around the world begin to bloom like flowers. It is a time for the ladies to come up with bold accessories with their seasonal outfits and vibrant make up.


So, when the fashion summer 2015 has arrived, we can say that the trend for 70s jewelry has also come. Let us have a look over the top 5 must-have summer accessories for women:

  1. Look Ethnic with Chokers & Necklaces

The designers have ensured that neck of beautiful women shines with every best type of bead, pendant and chains. Necklaces this summer are made of non-precious alloys, plastics, noble metals, textiles and leather. The heavy chokers also come with metals and are often embellished with pearls and expensive stones. Are in fashion in 2015, you can watch out big fashion houses such as Balmain that displays a splendid array of these types of necklaces.

You can also view ethnic styles of accessories in the collections of Giambattista Valli at its online store-

If you are more into gold, silver or platinum jewelry then you can find accessories embellished with stones. Multi-layered necklaces are in vogue this summer. Try out.

  1. Flaunt with Gigantic earrings

These include earrings in round shapes with elongated teardrop. These are another trend in the summer season, which are ideal to accentuate the beauty of fashionistas woman. Shown in the collections of Marni, Nina Ricci, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani, the stuff looks cool when complemented with a matching summer dress. Gigantic earrings are a must-have as these can have a great influence on the crowd around you.

  1. Look Unique with Colossal rings

For any fashion conscious woman, jewelry for fingers is a must through which she can flaunt her hands and nail-painted fingers. Whether or not you are a fashion lover, a colossal ring in the middle finger would simply keep you in vogue this summer. If you happen to be one of the fashionistas then the current trend asks to wear several rings of bright stones in different fingers of both hands.

  1. Exhibit Bracelets

The trend of massiveness dates back in the late 70s. However, today even the most famous of was fashion houses showcase massive jewelry that never misses out exhibit bracelets adorned on models. Trendy, stylish and classy, these add an oomph factor to your personality.

  1. Not to miss the sunglasses!

Summer without glasses is unimaginable. Glasses of all shapes and colors are in trend this summer that are making a fashion trend as well. Whether it is Gucci or Emilio Pucci, brands are displaying an extensive range of summer sunglasses, which can simply transform your persona like never before. ‘Butterfly’ to ‘Cat’s eye’, sunglasses are hitting every brand and jewelry store this summer. Do not move out without the stunning ones!

Summer does not ask you to get overloaded with jewelry and walk into the heat. It gives you an opportunity to flaunt your beautiful skin with classy adornments that would keep you in vogue and enable you to drive in compliments without much effort.