Top 7 Healthy tips to make you fit this New Year

Top 7 Healthy tips to make you fit this New Year


Attaining and maintaining a sound health condition is a major concern about most people regardless of their age. There are various ways applicable in toning and maintaining a healthy physical condition that ranges from natural ways to the use of medical supplements such as forskolin fuel. The most commonly used natural ways to get fit include engaging in the routine workout and practising healthy dieting habits. Participating in the routine workout is one of the best natural ways to attain and maintain a sound physical condition hence translating into an overall healthy human being. Being fit does not necessarily imply reduced body weight, but it implies reaching an optimum weight.

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Don’t drink your calories

Engaging in healthy eating habits is one of the best lifestyle habits to help you in getting fit. Calories are the major sources of body fat and greatly inhibit your body’s metabolic process. The main sources of calories include the beverage drinks that we all take as refreshments. Also, calories are rich in fructose. Therefore, it is very important to avoid drinks rich in sugars such as sodas, sports drinks and juices.


Engaging in routine exercise is not only important for the weight loss process but also important for your overall health and wellbeing. Also, exercise helps in reducing stress and anxiety. High levels of stress and anxiety are closely associated with various complications thus engaging in exercises that work to tone your anxiety and stress level is very important to keep you fit.

Eliminate the white menaces

Sugars are a major cause of most of the weight-related complications in your body. Sugars are responsible for slowing down your metabolic process hence inhibiting efficient burning of calories into energy. Some of the foods regarded as white menaces include white rice, white potatoes and white flour. These products are used to manufacture other consumer goods that are rich in refined carbohydrates such as bread, cakes and cookies.  Consuming too much of the refined carbohydrates facilitates increased production of insulin into your body. This can greatly affect your efforts of stabilizing your insulin and blood sugar level to protect you from contracting various chronic illnesses and keep you fit.

Replace refined carbs with vegetables and whole grains

Shifting your eating habits for the healthy ones is always good for your health. Most people do not understand the importance of practising healthy dieting habits but substituting refined carbs with whole grains and vegetables. Although it may seem as if you are starving your body, eating whole grains and vegetables provides your body with the required nutrients to keep you going through the entire day. But if it is almost impossible to avoid the white menaces, you can incorporate a serving of greens to make it more nutritious and healthy.


Focus on healthy fats

Although doctors and specialists recommend that you avoid consumption of fats as much as possible, there are some healthy fats that are good for your health. Most people are concerned with the weight loss process more than they are concerned with getting fit; therefore, they end up substituting the fat with refined carbs. This does not work to improve your health rather it works to the position you more vulnerable to chronic illnesses. Some of the most important fats in your body include essential fatty acids, and you must have them to survive.

Get enough protein

As much as you are on a diet, you should ensure you have a balanced diet to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Many people restrain themselves from eating foods rich in proteins because they closely associate proteins with fats. Proteins are very important body building foods. Also, every cell of your body is made up proteins. Therefore, you should eat sufficient proteins to provide your body the necessary amino acids to manufacture new cells.

Relax and connect

To lower your stress levels, create some time for yourself where you can comfortably relax and connect to your world. This will help you in reflecting on various events in your life and help you in making relevant changes to your daily routine or lifestyle habits to help improve the quality of your life.


It is your duty and responsibility to take care of your health and overall wellbeing. Therefore, you should engage in lifestyle fitness habits that work to boost your fitness and overall health and wellbeing. Some of these activities include engaging in routine exercise and practising healthy dieting habits. Most people perceive the fitness process to be difficult, but there is hope if you follow the right and appropriate steps and procedures.

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